Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some People are Soooooo Annoying!

What does one choose to write about when nothing at all comes to mind…I know!  How about ridiculously annoying people?
Come on, we’ve all seen them.  Like, for instance, ever notice how people always lean forward when they drive uphill?  Or how about those people who close their eyes when they talk to you?  Or worse look up at the ceiling while speaking?  Why do they do that anyway? 
How about people who leave the cat hair on their sweaters to let the world know they are “catlovers”?
Ever watch how some men  walk when a hot woman is standing there?  They pull their shoulders back so far that when they swing their arms (and boy do they swing their arms) and that quirky stride they do…they look just like oversized chimpanzees…which is really funny because a lot of the ones I have met were only about one step up on the evolutionary scale.
Oh, and ex spouses…has there ever been a good one?  What is it about marriage that turns a wonderful human being into the most vile dirt crawler imaginable, the husband is usually remembered as a drunk, cheat or a liar and the wife almost always ends up being called a whore…and it happens to all of them! Exes I mean…
HA HA!  Men with mullets….or worse...toupees?  Do I really need to elaborate?
Hey, what about morbidly obese women who wear control undergarments that only cover where panties would be.  Where do they think the excess goes?  Yup, over, under and everywhere else.  I suppose it could be worse, they could be sporting a thong…of course who would know.
Elderly women who wear high heels with elastic leg sport pants, even if it is adorable…
People who yell things  at their television sets
Anyone who earns a place on www.peopleofwalmart.com
Here’s some more…
Men who wear tube socks with sandals.  WTF?
Close talkers
People who spit when they talk
Close talkers who spit when they talk
Or, here’s one, Women who talk sweetly yet very loudly to their children while in public.  Are they trying to convince us that they talk like that at home?  Because you and I both know...... *winks*
And what about those kids…why are  they always their age and ½.  At what age do we stop saying that?  I mean is there an average age?  I bet the government has already spent millions to figure it out…result: inconclusive.
Ah and don't forget about the well known Know it all…including know it alls who deny they are know it alls at all and attempt to argue the point, because they feel that they would know for sure if they were a know it all
Oh, and by the way, while we're at it--Don’t forget people who have stinky feet
Ya know what else?  How about when you can smell what someone’s house smells like when they walk by you in the grocery store.  Or people who throw their trash on the ground.
People who blow their nose in a restaurant while you are eating are one of the worse.  Sorry kids, but just because you have finished your meal doesn’t mean I want to lose my appetite for mine.  Incidentally,  while we are on the subject.  Why do you feel the need to make an audible ACHOO sound with your voice when you sneeze, you are disruptive enough already.
Then of course there are people who whisper in just a decibel or two below their normal voice so that you can still hear everything they are saying;
And people who refer to others by their last name.
What-is-the-story with those inconsiderate people who talk wicked loud on cell phones in public places like restaurants or malls or libraries…or public restrooms-- Or grizzled old people who complain all the time and never smile-- 
or Giggling Pre teen girls who wear too much makeup to the mall and think it looks amazing:

Dark Roots,
Middle aged woman who always want to know who your mother is, like they would know her.  Besides, even if they did, then what?
I guess this list could go on and on, but for now is enough to keep you thinking for a while.  I would love to have some additions though….Just think….We could start the longest list of annoying type people on earth!  It could go around the world…It would become viralwe could ALL be famous and invited onto Larry King live…and it would have all started with ME
Oh, I forgot the most annoying one….people full of themselves with visions of grandeur. J


  1. I hate it when people blow their nose in a resteraunt! Um hello, I didn't need to hear your snot while eating!

    Don't forget to add when people lick their fingers to change a page on your document or book! Gross!!

  2. 2" long eyebrows on men

    people that sneeze and then want to shake your hand

    using your instead of you're, to not ta, ya know-the list could go on