Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pomme D'amore

Today during lunch a funny conversation occurred….
My daughter and I were enjoying our oranges-- trading sections and comparing the different taste of each.  My daughter hates the state of Florida (even though she has never been there) and I am in love with the state.  I was enjoying a Florida orange.  Incidentally, she who will be travelling to Los Angeles in a few weeks on vacation just happened to be eating a fruit from the state of, you guessed it…California.
Gleefully, my Florida orange was the juicier, better tasting of the two, HA!
But this is all beside the point.

As the oranges were consumed, the question came up regarding the origin of oranges as a food.... 

Her: “Imagine the first person who ever tasted and orange?”
Me:  “I bet they were like wow! Both before and after they figured out that they had to peel it first”
         They used to think that tomatoes were poisonous you know.”
Her: “They did?”
Me: “Yeah, imagine the guy that tried to commit suicide by eating tomatoes?”
Her: “I bet he gave all his things away and told people off and made them mad before he did it”
Me: “Fail”
Her: “I bet that’s why they throw tomatoes at people now, because of that guy”
Me: “Sorry for spitting soda out my nose all over the place”
Her: “Wish I had a tomato right now.”
Just thought I would share with you all…oh, by the way…I wish I could have been there to watch the orange guy’s face when he finished his orange and bit into that Lemon for the very first tme…

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  1. Good bye cruel world!
    *eats a bunch of tomatoes*
    Any minute now...
    Any minute