Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today while sitting at my desk, I got a notion to send my husband a message at his work to let him know I was thinking of him.  I opened my last text and proudly typed XOXOXO on the screen and hit send.  A few minutes later I got a text back from my son, Erik, asking what my text was all about.  Apparently, he had sent me a text earlier and thinking it was my hubby’s last one, when I opened it, it was his that I replied to with the message.  I replied telling him to ignore the last text, it wasn’t for him.  A minute or two later, it occurred to me that I had just told my own son to disregard my hugs and kisses, that they weren’t meant for him. 
Oh well, so much for this year’s Mother’s Day gift from him. 
On another note…here is today’s question.
Last week one of the VP’s at my company fell skiing and hurt his knee.  His office is across from mine and
watching him today, I have made an interesting observation.  He limps all the time so I know that he is in pain, but what is interesting is that when someone asks how he is doing, and he stops his pace to tell them, when he walks away, his limp is much, much worse.
Is it possible that stopping to talk for 30 seconds to describe his injury and accident in detail (for the billionth time) would cause enough pain to return to make him limp that much worse?
I suppose it’s possible…go figure. 


  1. No , he wants sympathy , after describing his injury using words, any person will embellish the injury a bit to prove that they arent just longwinded, although your point is valid, and, considering your sales background, it is lacking in basic perspective . With that being said, raaaaa and ill still get you a ma's day present but it might be a wrapped two week old sandwhich in which i so graciously gifted upon you so many years prior to this blog,

  2. You DO read my bloggggggggg.................

  3. Text messaging was invented for lovers to send xxoo back and forth when they're at work and not able to call. One does have to be careful who one is sending to, though.