Friday, April 1, 2011

You've Got Mail

I have come up with a nice quiet secret way to have fun at work….
Since almost all of the interoffice communication takes place via email, there are
quite alot of “thank you”(s) sent. 
Here is my game, from now on whenever I get a thank you
for a task or any short reply in general, I will send back a reply such as “no…thank you” or “ok”, or “You are very welcome”, or “thank YOU for your help” or “your patience is commendable”.  You get the picture, something that may illicit another reply.
Now, the entertainment comes from seeing how many replies you can receive from the other person to keep the thread going.  The art of the whole thing is that the unsuspecting “victim” on the other end of the email has no idea that you are using them for your own entertainment purposes.  You can vary the game by setting daily, weekly or monthly reply goal records or even a hall of fame as to who you get to unknowingly play along most often.  I tell you it is complete and total secret sportsmanship-- AND you still appear to be an efficient and diligent employee.  It’s the perfect crime! …Pure Genius!
So next time you have an opportunity, try it out.  If nothing else, knowing that those around your desk hearing your giggles are wondering if you are maniacal or not, is entertainment by itself  J
P.S.  If any of my coworkers read this, it’s a joke  *winks*

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