Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Lately I’ve been trying to make some extra money by selling some stuff on EBAY.  You know what?   I just can’t get over how you can triple or quadruple your money by posting your crappy used and unwanted things publicly for a nominal fee.  People just eat the stuff up…but what people?  Did you ever wonder who buys the crap? 
This time around I posted a pair of size 9 ½ gently worn women’s shoes.  The next day I got a request from who knows WHAT, to post pictures of the shoes while being worn “with a foot in them”.   This person wanted to see how they would look “with a foot” in them!!  WTF?   After wondering about the disturbing possibilities of such a request (and deciding “what the hell!”)  in the name of commerce, I unapologetically placed my foot into the shoe and asked my husband to click away.  Of course, having posted the images, no bid was offered (as promised) and I’ve now inherited the hobby of visiting sordid internet sites catering to weirdoes with cankle fetishes to retrieve my photograph.  I can just see it now posted on the wall of some pervert somewhere who has a thing for chunky ankles and calves in black Kenneth Cole pumps.  Guess what though-- I fooled him (or her…eeek)!   I wore black knee socks for the photo.   somehow though I don’t think that someone that obscure would be intimidated by a pair of black knee highs with lint balls…
The next morning after the image was uploaded, I went online to eagerly see what bid my mystery pervert submitted…and…behold, no bid…*sigh*
BUT…. there in my email was another request from “thelaststarlighter”!  This time I was being asked to
take a picture of the bottom of the shoes to show how much wear was done during my “gently worn”
use.  This really isn’t that odd of a request when you think about it and I almost hit delete before I read the final paragraph…
Apparently though,  the shoes are “intended as a gift” and the potential buyer wanted to know just how used they are before giving them.   I almost choked on my coffee.  Um…seriously?!   You want me to post pictures of the extent of wear on these shoes so that you can determine if they are suitable to be given as a gift!?  What could possibly be the occasion to give used shoes as a gift?  National Foot Odor Awareness  Day?  Of course, my daughter offered to purchase the shoes herself in exchange for my confronting this person on the subject, but I declined, preferring the thrill and the sport of selling them fairly and squarely to any deviant whose  check clears.  As a result I’ve decided that from now on, even if nothing sells, I’m just going to sit back and have some fun.  I may miss out on a few sales, but from now on I’m going to mess with these people.    
Well, some people would have been scared away by the whole EBAY hiding weirdo thing at this point, but not me, I don’t scare easily.   Besides, I can hardly count the minutes until I can post some of the vintage lingerie I plan to put up for sale.

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