Thursday, June 30, 2011


Should gay marriage be legalized? 
About 7 years ago back in 2004 when I was first exposed to the issue, I felt inspired to document my thoughts in the form of poetry.  Whether you support this important social issue or whether you do not please at least be opened minded enough when reading to try to see the point I am making.  The issue is not an question about what is moral or immoral, and although it is by definition a LEGAL issue, it is more than that.  It's a human issue that raises the question of whether or not two people of the same gender, who have committed and devoted themselves to each other with the promise to remain a “pair” throughout the remainder of their lives should not only have the same LEGAL rights as two heterosexual individuals, but also the same social tolerance and right to the diginity of being treated with respect and fairness in claiming those legal rights. Please when reading, know that I am not criticizing anyone’s faith, I am merely raising the question of whether or not we are in a position that gives us the right to judge ANYONE.  I am not stating an opinion….just raising a few questions.   I will say publicly though, that I WILL support the gay community in creating awareness of this very important social issue.
 If Two Should Share
 If two should love, and if two should live.
And if two should share all that love they give.
 What gives the right to these hypocrites
To fight their fight using politics?
 Do they have the right to use God above,
 To cast their blame-in the name of “His” love?

 IF two be gentle, quiet and kind
 And pay their social debt,
 And one is taken, one left behind;
 What good will does the behind one get?
 Without acceptance, the majority rules,
 Claiming morals as their guise.
 They walk their paths as though they're fools
 And step around the wise.
 But those whose loyalty is strong
 And devotion fast and true;
Who will remain intact, however long
 Until their life is through.
 Their only sin, these loyal ones
 Who's love is genderless,
 Is the sin of pure devotion,
 And unselfish tenderness.

 How can we judge our neighbors,
 And deny them what WE feel?
 When they share with us in our labors
 And are cogs in the same wheel.
How can we approach our Creator
With a conscience that is true,
 When we've used this life to hate or harm
When our time on earth is through?

Love is Love everybody, be kind to each other......