Sunday, November 20, 2011

Behold The Lowly Turkey

I wrote this a few years back to remind me to be thankful-
I hope it spreads the message....

                                      "Behold The Lowly Turkey”        
Every year around this time, we think back on the year,
And reflect on what we’re thankful for, with those who we hold dear.
And every year around this date, we spend a day of rest;
Feasting at our tables with our families and our guests.
But behold the modest turkey for he goes about this day;
Thankful for the grain he has and thankful for the hay.
He cares not what the farmer does, nor does he have the thought,
Of butchers’ knives or farmers’ wives or stuffing or the pot.
If we could only show ourselves as carefree as the bird,
And go about our daily lives with no complaining heard,
The time of year for giving thanks would never more be had.
And the humble little turkey would be grateful, and be glad.
But if still you look upon your life, and no thankfulness is there,
And reasons for your gratitude can’t be seen anywhere;
If when reflect on your life, you still see things as grim?
Behold the lowly turkey and be thankful you’re not him.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone...
On November 24th and everyday....Give Thanks, life is never as bad as it seems even at it's worse.  Use the good times to offer a hand up to someone who isn't as fortunate.  No matter how low you may think you are, there is always someone further down the line who needs your help, even if it's just a kind word.