Thursday, April 25, 2013

When Winter said goodbye to Spring

Perhaps it is the moon, but I awoke this morning with abundant energy, like the killing cold of winter had finally passed. I feel like I have walked through a hallway connecting seasons and the door to winter has been closed and an entrance to springtime has been opened before me, revealing a beautifully lit room with an amazingly plush green carpet.

...This little poem popped into my head...not sure if it's good or if it isn't, but it is what it is, and since poetry is art and is open for interpretation, I guess there is no good or read and enjoy or if not, then don't be harsh.  :)

When Winter Said Goodbye to Spring

I am leaving said the winter to the spring.
No longer do I have the strength to cover everything.
The sun no longer favors me, On YOU His light has shone-
Melting every snowflake, warming every breath I've blown
The buds that you’ve awoken have all burst forth with the dawn.
And the crocus and the daffodils stretch and yawn.
So now I close the door behind me as I’ve exited the stage.
I allow you now to green the foliage,
To consort with Mother Earth to make the soil alive;
So that the creatures there will flourish and survive.
Then once again in autumn when Helios should stray,
And his warmth has shifted and the clouds are gray.

And Sister Moon is distant with her planting energy
I will once again reclaim my place to put the earth to sleep-
And this all will be surrendered back to me…
(Sharon Arsenault, 2013)